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Cynthia Greenlee

Race, rubella, and the long road to abortion reform

In 1964, women began requesting abortions at Atlanta’s Grady Memorial Hospital—despite the fact that abortion had been illegal in the state since the 1870s. But the pregnant women had—or believed they had—what some called the “three-day measles”: rubella. A rash
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How Abortion Storytelling Was Born

(Photo Credit: MrTinDC) In 1970, Emily Jane Goodman was a young attorney who got pulled into a landmark case challenging New York’s abortion ban. The case, Abramowicz v. Lefkowitz, had an unusual legal team for the time (all women, 
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Charleston’s History of Hellish Violence

Though only 21, Dylann Roof has an old soul — that of a 19th-century white supremacist with 21st-century tools. The alleged shooter who killed nine people Wednesday at Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal Church in Charleston, South Carolina, reportedly told his
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