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Bill O’Reilly, Beyonce, and Pseudo Findings

Bill O’Reilly believes that Beyonce does not deserve to be on the cover of Time magazine because she causes young women in the black community to have unintended pregnancies…. Seriously, he said that. As a young black Latina who had
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Appropriate Cultural Appreciation

If you’ve been watching the news, watching your Twitter feed, or posts on Facebook, many people have been discussing Miley Cyrus’ recent MTV Video Music Award performance in which she attempted to “twerk” on stage and on singer Robin Thicke
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Babe, I’m Pregnant…

On Mondays, after spending my day working for and with young college sexual health and reproductive rights activists as the Manager of Campus Organizing at Advocates for Youth, I come home to cook dinner and text my sisters as we
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I am Annika, I am All

I am an educator in a couple of Milwaukee Public Schools and I engage youth between the ages of 14 to 21. As part of a homework assignment, I asked my class to tell me how they see themselves. To
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I am Annika

Audre Lorde once stated that if you define yourself for yourself then you leave no room for other people’s interpretation of you. It’s important for me to define myself because most of my life I’ve felt misunderstood. My mom frequently
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