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With over 275 published pieces in 65 different outlets, Echoing Ida’s shifting the conversation.


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We publish print and online articles. We conduct workshops and develop communication strategies for social justice organizations. We ensure our media and movements include the voices of Black women and nonbinary folks. By developing writers and removing publishing barriers, Echoing Ida amplifies the critical expertise of Black women and nonbinary folks. Together, we ensure our families and communities thrive.

Views expressed by Echoing Ida writers are their own and do not necessarily reflect those of Forward Together.

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August 15, 2017,
Shanelle Matthews

White supremacy is a web of violent and abusive behaviors bolstered by white nationalists, racist elected officials, violent police and law enforcement, corporate money, and you.

August 14, 2017,
Bianca Campbell

Never shy away from asking for help, but also don’t shy away from your brilliance and ability to love a loved one through pregnancy. You’ve both got this.

August 9, 2017,
Renee Bracey Sherman

Far too often, compassion for black lives doesn’t extend beyond the womb or to the black women carrying that womb. Too few tears are shed for the people killed by police violence. Reproductive justice is about the resolve to raise our families on our own terms, safely.

August 2, 2017,
Renee Bracey Sherman

At the core of “abortion reversal” is a desire to undermine the high level of decision certainty among people seeking the service.

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