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With over 275 published pieces in 65 different outlets, Echoing Ida’s shifting the conversation.


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We publish print and online articles. We conduct workshops and develop communication strategies for social justice organizations. We ensure our media and movements include the voices of Black women and nonbinary folks. By developing writers and removing publishing barriers, Echoing Ida amplifies the critical expertise of Black women and nonbinary folks. Together, we ensure our families and communities thrive.

Views expressed by Echoing Ida writers are their own and do not necessarily reflect those of Forward Together.

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April 17, 2017,
Jasmine Burnett

Enjoying cannabis daily is part of my practice of self-determination and wholeness. I am curious about where cannabis use overlaps with parenting, and what it looks like to hold both as a Black woman.

March 30, 2017,
Quita Tinsley

A few days into this week, the Trump administration has already made two strikes against the LGBT community, by revoking protections for federal contractors and erasing LGBT people from the 2020 census.

March 24, 2017,
Shanelle Matthews

When Trump and his administration are making plans to “have insurance for everybody,” he needs to mean us too.

March 21, 2017,
Shanelle Matthews

From affordable housing to college loans, Trump’s proposed budget could mean serious reductions in services and programs vital to many Black lives.

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