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I Like My Unruly Eyebrows, Thank You Very Much

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I’ve never had my eyebrows shaped, plucked, threaded, waxed, filled in, tinted, drawn on, or otherwise groomed.

And I’m okay with that.

More than okay – I’m downright happy with it. It’s other people who seem to have the problem.

Every time I enter a nail salon, overeager operators ask if they can do my brows before I sit down or offer one with my mani-pedi.

I get it: They’re up selling, and I don’t blame them. Brows are big business (up to $122 million annually in products in the United States alone, according to NPD global research group), and the nail industry flourishes on low-wage work.

But one look at my eyebrows, and they assume that’s why I’m there. Because who would want my irregular, peaked brows?


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