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Quita Tinsley

Cuidarse a uno mismo y el trabajo social

Si le preguntases a mi madre o a mi novia cuándo hice algo equivocado, te dirán algo como, “Bueno, conociendo a Quita, ella nunca hace nada equivocado”. Pero incluso la Princesa de la Perfección tiene que admitir cuándo se equivoca.
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Worthy of Pleasure: Sex Beyond Consent

[Note: This post contains explicit sexual content.] I like to call my early 20s the sexual awakening period of my life. I have been sexually active since I was a teen, but in my early 20s, I was most active.
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My Lavender Weave and Why Do You Care?

“This femme wants pastel colored hair, preferably lavender.” It was such a simple Facebook status, but the journey that followed was anything but simple. It was six weeks full of complicated emotions, microaggressions, and respectability politics. It was six weeks
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You are Enough: A Love Letter to Young Me

In honor of International Women’s Day, YouTube launched the global initiative #DearMe, a compilation of women on YouTube sharing words of wisdom with their younger selves. So, in honor of International Women’s Day and Women’s History Month, I have been
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Self-Care and Social Justice Work

If you were to ask my mom or my girlfriend about a time I got something wrong, they’d both most likely say, “Well, according to Quita, she never gets anything wrong.” But even the Princess of Perfection has to admit
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Ain’t We Femme?

This post is dedicated to all of the femmes! When I was a child, Easter was my favorite time of year. Every year, my mom always got me an Easter basket full of goodies. At church, we got to recite
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