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Renee Bracey Sherman

The Right to (Black) Life

Today marks three years since Michael Brown was killed in Ferguson, Mo., by a police officer. That’s three years that his mother, Lesley McSpadden, has mourned her son. Ms. McSpadden and other mothers of black people slain by police in
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I Dream of Healthy Black Futures

Healthcare is a human right. No one should be denied the opportunity to see a doctor because of how much money is in their pocket or where they live. Our loved ones shouldn’t die from easily curable diseases simply because
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Future of the Supreme Court

“I think one of the next big fights for the reproductive health, rights, and justice movement is to get rid of the Hyde and the Helms amendment, and abortion stories are going to be key to that.” The future of
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What’s Next for Abortion Rights in Texas?

On June 27, the United States Supreme Court issued a 5-3 decision striking down portions of Texas’ anti-abortion law, HB 2, which forced abortion clinics to close if they didn’t meet the same standards as surgical clinics. In the majority
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