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Sunshine Muse

Ten Ways to ‘Keep the Public Health’ in Public Health

Public health is the leading field for addressing health challenges in our country and ultimately the world. Nurses, doctors, midwives, medical assistants, activists, advocates, researchers, and policy makers are directly involved in, or turn to, public health work—which includes but
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Breastfeeding America: What We Know

Current data indicates that black women have the lowest rates of breastfeeding in the US. There are many reasons for this, including lack of access to resources, substandard healthcare and historical trauma. But what is not true however, are popular
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Grieving a Mom Who’s Still Here

In the last six months, five of my friends’ moms have died. I am 43, which feels a little young for this mass exodus of moms to be happening. My mom is 63, healthy and here. My relationship with my
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