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Economic Justice

We Should Still Be Talking About Flint a Year Later

Three state of emergency declarations, two years of lead contamination, and one year of national media visibility later, Flint, Michigan residents still do not have drinkable water. It has been a year since Flint mayor Karen Weaver declared a state
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Equal Pay Day for (Some) African-American Women

It’s an interesting thing: Despite being a professor of political science and spending a good chunk of my time studying inequity in the lives of Black American women, I had no idea that Equal Pay Day for African-American Women was
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Improving health equity in Georgia

During this month of Black History we celebrate the achievements of African Americans in the sciences, literature, and the arts. We also celebrate the generations that have organized themselves to change the laws and policies that disenfranchised people of color
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Life’s Unexpected Journeys

Without warning your life can turn completely upside down. Since the age of seventeen, I’ve been independent: living outside my mother’s home and learning how to survive and figure things out for myself, which takes a lot of trial and
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