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Organizing & Movement Building

Black Friendship, Black Love

I’m a Black girl from the east side of Columbus, Ohio. Before graduating from high school, Columbus was all I knew, and more importantly it was my home. But Black girls building home together is a threat to white supremacy.
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The Roots of the Haitian Revolution Are Black Futures

It is important to me that we always include and apply the values from the Haitian Revolution-lresistance, self-determination and black love, in the movement for Black lives. Living at the intersection of being first-generation Haitian and Black, I have learned
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We Must Act Now in the Face of Transphobia

We’re only days into 2017 and three trans people have already been murdered. During the first week of the year, Mesha Caldwell, a Black trans woman, was found shot to death in Mississippi. Three days later, two-spirit woman Jamie Lee
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